Promoting healing through a healthy lifestyle and the power of prayer
Patricia Middleton

An accomplished Registered Nurse, and engaging minister, Patricia Middleton teaches from a place of education, experience, and empowerment. By combining the Word of God, and the power of prayer along with making healthy lifestyle changes, Patricia overcame an unwanted illness and now speaks life into the lives of countless others.

Patricia received her Nursing degree from New Mexico State University. She went on to pursue master’s degrees in business administration (MBA) and health services administration (MHSA).  She is also a Certified Paracletos Counselor (Christian Counselor), and a Certified Life Coach.  

For more than 40 years, Patricia has worked as a Registered Nurse. Patricia realized early on in her career that nursing is more than just a profession, it is a Ministry. She realized that God strategically placed her in every one of her positions for a reason.  

When she is not working or serving, Patricia enjoys spending time with her awesome husband, her two amazing children, and her granddaughter.