My Testimony

I grew up with a heart to serve others. That desire to serve eventually lead me to choose a career in nursing. For more than forty years, I’ve been on the front lines in the healthcare industry ensuring that my patients receive the best care possible. It is truly a joy to do what you love. When I wasn’t working or spending time with my family, I served at my local church. I am a minister and an intercessor who also prays for the complete healing of others. I learned that my work as a nurse fueled my ability to pray specific prayers of healing.

A few years ago, the nurse became the patient and I was diagnosed with diabetes. As a Believer, I know that God’s plan is for me to be healthy and whole. How could I, a nurse and a minister of the gospel, be sick? My health habits didn’t align with who God said I was. So, instead of accepting that I would live a food-restricted life with daily shots of insulin, I decided to implement a lifestyle filled with faith and works. James 2:26 (NKJV) reads, “…faith without works is dead also.” Under the supervision of my doctors and with my cohorts in faith, I set out to claim complete healing, in Jesus’ name. I prayed. I exercised. I prayed some more. I changed my eating habits. I prayed again, I lost weight and eliminated unnecessary stress; I prayed fervently.

I went back to the doctor and my numbers cleared me of the diagnosis. The Lord is a healer. I started Patricia Middleton Ministries to meet my call in the Great Commission. I desire to bring others to Christ while making healthy disciples. Will you join me in living a healthy and whole life?